This website is a brief statement about what Stordes is just a shadow of what it does. More than by a website we are defined by the work we actually do, autonomously and for our clients.

To savor that work in real life we invite you contact

Jord van den Berg

brings his extensive knowledge about strategy and an analytical mind to Stordes. His idealism makes him leave the beaten track and find ways to better the world. |+31 6 81149511

Ingrid Driessen

has a keen eye for the unspoken relationships within an organisation. With a personal style of intervention she makes people act according to their strengths and choices. | +31 6 20538154

Hein Duijnstee

has his own authentic and unique view on organisations. His enthusiasm and visuals draw people to explore new purposeful social and organisational spaces. | +31 6 46094618

Victor Mensingh

combines a keen eye for people with entrepreneurial experience. With his positive attitude he pragmatically makes good organisations better. |+31 6 53862605

Guillemette Legrand

takes unique viewpoints on society and its institutional artifacts.

She resets organisational spaces through metaphores, new language and curation of interactions. | +31 6 27247854

Joan Vellvé Rafecas

has a profound value in design based thinking. He challenges the actual enclosed paradigms of society with his creative skills through tangible strategies, organisations, products and services. | +31 6 15900050 / +34 6 50555836

Corradino Garofalo

Expresses profound ideas and concepts through visual arts.

He explores cultural participation of organisations in society as one of the highest and most complex features of human existence. | +31 6 22107346

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