strategic organisation design studio

Stordes is a firm engaged in strategic organisation design for corporate and public clients 

Stordes is labeled as a studio to mark the organisation of a variety of professionals who jointly work on projects 

Stordes operates from the idea of a branded concept

purposeful social spacehttp://www.purposefulsocialspace.com

Stordes’ work is strategic in its character. Strategic because the meaning and form of an organisation are the result of intentional decision and actions

 Strategic work is about focus and making a difference Strategic is moving from broad, but distinctive perspectives towards specific choices in the design and workings of the organisation

 For Stordes strategic design involves thoroughly investigating the arguments for those choices, incorporating context, rationale, the dynamics of people involved in the design process and the magic of creativity 



An organisation is a specific set of relationships between individuals. An organisation is defined by the ways people relate to each other 

Organisations are manmade social constructs. This is the domain of the work of Stordes. For Stordes an organisation is also defined and driven by a shared desire, a common purpose of the people that make up that organisation

The spheres of people that share a common purpose could be defined as a space. A space that creates the room for the interactions, but also is a demarcation by means of that purpose

Stordes regards organisations and its actors in a broader context and defines the purposeful social space as the entity of organisations. By doing so it allows for new degrees of freedom in conceiving organisations





The studio is the open environment that unites the work of the people of Stordes. It is the organisation, the entrepreneurial entity for the work that Stordes does. The agora is the central point of the studio for dialogue between people involved in the work of Stordes

The studio is a virtual collection of various physical locations

The co-workers within Stordes, the people of the studio, have diverse background, while sharing, for certain, autonomy, ambition and authenticity

Stordes’ design work is about making organisations function in very useful and utterly beautiful ways. For Stordes this starts with unearthing meaning beyond the obvious and develop deep insight in the essence of an organisation and how it can be expressed through the context it functions in.

Language and images are important means for expression those findings. 

Organisation are not (re)build form scratch, they evolve. Stordes provides fresh perspectives for the people involved in that process. Design is the outcome of a conscious process of people intentionally interacting